The Mena Fire Department consists of 2 engines, 1 pumper/engine truck, 1 ladder truck, a rescue truck, and a brush truck. There are two stations in town. The main station (station #1) is location by the old armory and Station #2 is located on Main Street by Washburn’s Home Furnishings. Station #2 is an unmanned station.

Charity Contributions

Every year, the Mena Fire Department participates in “Tip the Tank,” where a firefighter will sit on toilets in the Walmart parking lot and collect money. Money raised goes to the Arkansas Children’s Hospital.

Public Safety & Training

• Fire extinguisher training (for businesses in town including daycares)

• Fire Safety Programs at the elementary schools every year

• Girl Scout and Boy Scout fire safety training


There are 24 active firefighters (listed below), 3 full time and the rest are paid on-call.

Chief – Steve Egger, ARFF Certified/EMT

Assistant Chief – Charles Hankins, ARFF Certified

Captain – Tom Hairston

Captain – Dwayne Harvey, EMT

Captain – Eric Turner, ARFF Certified

Firefighter – Darrel Page, EMT

Firefighter – Andy Vance, EMT

Firefighter – Daniel Sanchez

Firefighter – Nathan Ferry

Firefighter – Seth Smith

Firefighter – Joe Quinn

Firefighter – Dustin Stover

Firefighter – Emory Zakin

Firefighter – Zak Abbott

Firefighter – Wes Kimp

Firefighter – Ray Surber

Firefighter – Mike Cross

Firefighter – Peter Gandy

Firefighter – Ben Vincent

Firefighter – Kenna-Marie Ashcraft

Engineer – Clint Sharp, EMT

Engineer – Jason Head, ARFF Certified/EMT

Engineer – James Turner