We’re planning a family reunion. Where are some locations to host?

A: Mena has three great parks available for large events like family reunions. You might also consider the old armory, or the Polk County Housing Authority meeting room on Morrow Street.

Where do I register to vote?

A: Polk County County Clerk 507 Church Street, 479-394-8100

Do any of the restaurants in Mena serve alcohol?

A: Mena is considered a dry county, but a few local restaurants serve alcohol.

Where is the closest place to purchase liquor from Mena?

A: East of Mena in a community near Hot Springs, AR, and west in Heavener, OK

When do the leaves typically change in the Mena area?

A: Typically towards the middle or end of October into the first week of November.

Where do I go to pay my taxes?

A: Polk County Tax Collector is located at 507 Church Street Phone: 479-394-8111

Where do I go to pay a ticket for a traffic violation?

A: Polk County Court House

Where do I go to get my tags renewed?

A: Department of Finance and Administration a.k.a. “Revenue Office” Northside Shopping Center, Mena, AR 71953

Who do I speak to about the road conditions near my house?

A: You can contact the street department, or send a message to the Mayor.

What are the typical weather conditions like in Mena?

A: Mena has 4 full seasons. Expect beautiful spring and fall temperatures, hot summers and cold winters.

How many parks does Mena have?

A: Mena has 3 city parks, Janssen, Aubrey Tapley, and McMilian

Where is the closest regional airport that connects to international flights?

A: Fort Smith Regional Airport is approximately 1.5 hours north of Mena.

How far is Mena from the Oklahoma border?

A: Our neighbor to the west is a 15 minute drive.

What are some outdoor hot spots near Mena?

A: Mena has a number of outdoor destinations not to miss! Visit our A&P site to learn more.

Is there a live theatre venue in Mena?

A: The Ouachita Little Theatre is home to several live stage productions per year.

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