We’re planning a family reunion. Where are some locations to host?

A: Mena has three great parks available for large events like family reunions. You might also consider the old armory.

Where do I register to vote?

A: Polk County County Clerk 507 Church Street, 479-394-8100

Do any of the restaurants in Mena serve alcohol?

A: Yes, Mena is located in a wet county

When do the leaves typically change in the Mena area?

A: Typically towards the middle or end of October into the first week of November.

Where do I go to pay my taxes?

A: Polk County Tax Collector is located at 507 Church Street Phone: 479-394-8111

Where do I go to pay a ticket for a traffic violation?

A: Polk County Court House

Where do I go to get my tags renewed?

A: Department of Finance and Administration a.k.a. “Revenue Office” Northside Shopping Center, Mena, AR 71953

Who do I speak to about the road conditions near my house?

A: You can contact the street department, or send a message to the Mayor.

What are the typical weather conditions like in Mena?

A: Mena has 4 full seasons. Expect beautiful spring and fall temperatures, hot summers and cold winters.

How many parks does Mena have?

A: Mena has 3 city parks, Janssen, Aubrey Tapley, and McMilian

Where is the closest regional airport that connects to international flights?

A: Fort Smith Regional Airport is approximately 1.5 hours north of Mena.

How far is Mena from the Oklahoma border?

A: Our neighbor to the west is a 15 minute drive.

What are some outdoor hot spots near Mena?

A: Mena has a number of outdoor destinations not to miss! Visit our A&P site to learn more.

Is there a live theatre venue in Mena?

A: The Ouachita Little Theatre is home to several live stage productions per year.

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