City Council

Mena City Council members are elected at large, but must live in their respective wards.  The City is divided into three wards and two council members represent each ward.  Council members are elected for a two year term in the general election every even year.  Each council member serves as the chair on one of the six committees established by the Mayor.  The City Council meets the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm at City Hall.

Overview-ward-map-menaVoting Wards

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Ward I, Position 1

James Earl Turner

Ordinance Review Committee, Chair
Advertising & Promotion Committee

Ward I, Position 2

Stanley Craig

Parks & Recreation Committee, Chair


Ward II, Position 1

Brooke Hines

Street & Sidewalk Committee, Chair


Ward II, Position 2

Mary Alice Head

Health/Sanitation & Community
Enhancement Committee, Chair


Ward III, Position 1

Andy Brown

Finance Committee, Chair

Ward III, Position 2

Larry Stewart

Police & Fire Committee, Chair
Advertising & Promotion Commission


City Attorney

Patrick McDaniel

Elected at large to a 4-year term