City Clerk/Treasurer

The Mena City Clerk/Treasurer is an elected official whose primary responsibilities and duties are to attend all regular and special City Council meetings, preparation of the City Council agendas, record, transcribe, and prepare the minutes for the official minute record book.

The Clerk/Treasurer is also the caretaker of the City’s finances.  The office is responsible for the accurate accounting of all City revenue and expenditure sources in compliance with the Arkansas Division of Legislative Audit.

Other functions of the office include directly supervising the development and implementation of record retention policies and procedures in accordance with State law.  This office is the custodian of City records and conserves the City’s archives.  Records in this office date back to the late 1800’s.

The City Clerk maintains the City Code of Ordinances, coordinates updates to City policies, and provides support for the City Council.

The City Clerk’s office is a great source of information for both the general public and city staff.  It is often the distribution center for information pertaining to current issues, events, and meetings.


Contact Information:

City Clerk/Treasurer
Kacie Rose
520 Mena Street
Mena, Arkansas  71953
479-394-3141 – office
479-394-5411 – fax